April Fool


April 1, 2014

The sky is blue, the sun is out, and while I will not believe that winter is gone until I see tulips, I am hopeful nonetheless. March came in like a lion and on its way out yesterday managed to leave like one too, slamming the door with a trifecta of hail and snow and driving rain.

I have a lunch today with a former client whose book deal I negotiated — the book sold for so little that I couldn’t bear to charge him, so lunch is my fee. I don’t trust the weather enough to yet deviate from winter black, so I’ll rely yet again on black trousers, but I will wear a new blue blouse from Joie, which I like because it’s not entirely chambray, but has that vibe if you want. Also, my trench coat will get its first wearing of the year. Baby steps.

Here is my favorite dreamy spring post from today, via Erin Gates’s Elements of Style. An Australian couple buys a decrepit French chateau to renovate. This has novel written all over it.

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